We have arrived in La Coruna!

Richard & Chris Binks set off at 9am Sunday 7th July and arrived 4 days later on Wednesday 4 pm in La Coruna Spain.  See our track http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0iGbB9bnM7NdE772VGqTLpujr5YQMOOGI

The wind was behind us all the way with a consistent 10 knots or less.  We had the head sail poled out most of the way.  The water in the bay of Biscay is aqua blue.  There were dolphins playing with Elemiah and one whale close by.

Glenda is now preparing to get on a plane to the UK then onto La Coruna on 18th.

3 thoughts on “We have arrived in La Coruna!

  1. We did think of you Richard and hope that your passage was as glorious as the weather when you left.
    It was lovely to have such a real catch-up in Falmouth and to have a conducted tour of Elemiah. we’ll follow your progess with interest.
    lots of love to you both
    Joy and Nick

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