Now for the big catch up!

In 2017 we made our way on Elemiah to Valencia Spain and left her there for the winter.

However, in June of 2017 Glenda went back into arrhythmia. Her rhythm medicine was no longer working.  We are very fortunate to have a very good cardiologist Dr. Diaz Infante.  After two cardioversions he finally performed a very tricky procedure of going into Glenda’s heart and cutting some electrical circuits.  The tricky bit was going into the heart with a mechanical valve.  Touch the valve and the problems would substantially escalate!  All is now well.

We were therefore delayed in getting back to Elemiah whilst Glenda recovered.

Finally, we cast off and went to Ibiza with Daniela and Peter and then made our way back to Puerto Sherry in the Bay of Cadiz.  Peter went as far as Gibraltar before he had to fly home to start a job.

Manolo from Sevilla joined us and we made it the rest of the way.

This is a very brief summary so as not to bore you all.

1 thought on “Now for the big catch up!

  1. Well done Richard—-Both your ladies looking good— Are you planning to do the Arc in Nov/Dec.

    Our favourite harbour in Gran Canaria is Port du Mogan on the SW side. The Arc of course goes from Las Palms on the NE Corner. On the trip down from Gib we always made our first port of call Puerto Calero in Lanzarote (where they have lovely brass boll–ards) and then on the South side is Playa Blanco where I see they have built the Rubicon Marina since I was last there 15 years ago—Gee I almost feel homesick.

    We are very comfortable in our retirement apartment which we moved into 9 months ago. We scrounge the odd sail from friends at Marchwood and I am about to crew for my brother in our 60 year old family Wayfarer in the 60th National Championships at Weymouth.

    Guess you must miss your lovely old house,special wishes to Glenda,

    Have fun

    Nick & Anne

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