Elemiah now has a crew of two!!

By chance on Richard’s last visit to Hadzor over a pub lunch mentioned the trip across the Bay of Biscay and Chris Binks voiced a real interest in coming along.

This weekend Chris cam down to Falmouth for the night and looked Elemiah over and gave the thumbs up to crew with me.

We expect the crossing to take about 4 days and as soon as all the jobs on Elemiah are complete we will look for a weather window and off we go.  As you all know, these last few years have seen very unpredictable weather so it may look OK when we start but who knows what will blow in!!  Also, we want a good wind so 20 to 25 knots will be great.

Currently, we are waiting to get the 12 volt alternator reconditioned, the 24 volt alternator problem was resolved with a new regulator.  Also, the wind indicator instrument is being looked at and hopefully back in service this coming week.  We have a SSB receiver arrive so that long distance weather information can be picked up (we hope).  One last piece of kit is to transmit AIS info.  Right now we receive which allows us to see other traffic.  However, transmitting all vessels with AIS will see us!!  Of course the kit to transmit is expensive!  The only other thing we are thinking about is the SPOT system that allows family and friends to see our progress.

That is about it to date.

Richard & Glenda

3 thoughts on “Elemiah now has a crew of two!!

  1. Richard, Best of luck in your crossing the Bay of Biscay. What’s your first port? Look forward to hearing about your trip. Mark and Linda Ross

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