Getting Ready

The only thing we need to fix is the wind speed indicator and the man is on his way to fix it!!

Chris Binks arrived yesterday, he is crewing with Richard across Biscay.

The good news is that Glenda is leaving her current job and hopping on a plane July 14th to London, staying with Alicia & John then on to A Coruna.  Can’t wait till she is here.

We have a tracking device so if you want to see our progress go to

Best estimate is leaving on Friday.  The winds look a little light and may stop off at the Isles of Scilly to take us a little further west.


















2 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Sounds wonderful ! We just arrived in London – exhausted but happy to be here. We are in Knightsbridge somewhere and on Friday we are off to Wales. Good times. Linda

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  2. Dear, a friend of David who has navigated several yrs sent us this message Hi Glenda and Richard, I am so excited for you and your trip across the Ocean!! It will be a great adventure I’m sure! I saw on the blog that Richard is considering an AIS, I must say this would be a great addition to the boat. It is required for vessels over 300 tons, and it identifies you (and your course and speed) to vessels that may not be able to see you, even on their radar. I would also recommend a radar reflector for the mast, this is an inexpensive addition that makes your boat show up much larger on other vessels radar screens. Bon Voyage and I look forward to reading the blog as you go!! -Patrick ,

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