Waiting in La Coruna

Elemiah & I are still moored up in La Coruna waiting for Glenda to arrive from USA on 18th. Our friend and Crew Chris returns by air to the UK tomorrow.

Once Glenda has settled down from closing a home and job in Houston we are off to the Spanish Rias and around Cape Finisterre.

We need some sail repair this week which showed up on our trip. Annoyed at the sail maker who did not do a great job this year on a nearly new main sail we purchased. It took 5 goes back to the sailmaker! Anyhow not a major calamity better now before we get into some heavy weather.

2 thoughts on “Waiting in La Coruna

  1. You are having a fabulous time!. We are enjoying Ireland. Kissed the Blarney Stone…off to Belfast tomorrow. Maybe Isle of Man later this week.

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  2. My favourite Bay of Biscay arrival/departure port is Camarinas.Hope all goes well with Glenda and show her Baiona (Bajona) another port/town that Anne and I have enjoyed. This certainly is a weird method of emailing and I cannot find your GPS Position.

    Happy Sailing Nick & Anne

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