Glenda on board Elemiah with Richard

We have spent a few days together, resting, finishing loose ends from closing job and apartment in Houston and getting food supplies, including gluten free! Glenda arrived joyful to join Richard and sad to have lost Jazzy our cat of 13 yrs. Fortunately, Jazzy showed up to Juniper 11 days later, a miracle!
We also visited Santiago de Compostela by train and on arrival walked straight to the magnificent Cathedral. We happened to arrive half hour before the Mass in memory of the lost and injured of the tragic train accident. The Cathedral was packed, Glenda found a spot on the floor with a group of students from Virginia and Richard happened to find rest on the cushion of a confessionary. Well, he had his moment of fame! The TV networks had him live on screen for about a minute! Wet as we were, he looked like he had done a pilgrimage from Falmouth! 🙂
We could no longer wait for right direction of wind, so we sailed of on Saturday, August 3rd, with SW winds on our nose, therefore we had to motor our way to Camariños. Not ideal conditions for Glenda’s first sail in 20 months, so she navigated seasick, but at least with warm weather!
Richard installed a digital volt/ammeter brought by Glenda from USA to replace analogue instruments to assist monitoring battery usage.
We are nicely anchoraged in a charming fishing port!

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