Ria De Arousa & Ria Pontevedra

Whilst still in a marina in Vilagarcia de Arousa we met Jose owner of the local chandlery who had his wheel covered in leather by a man in Pontevedra.  It took a struggle to get our wheel off and with the help of a marina personnel (Cecil) who had an extractor, off the wheel came!  We arranged to leave the wheel at a bar in Pontevedra.

Nacho the Barman

Nacho the Barman

Very trusting as the wheel (La Rueda) is the only means to operate Elemiah! 

The short story is that 600,000 plus young Spaniards descended on Vilagarcia for a straight 20 hrs festival with fun electronic music, yet right on our noses. the festival started about 20 yrs ago as asimple religious parade yo the church ofSan Roque and the villagers were asking for some water after they went uphill in the middle of the heat.  Now after the festival, everyone goes tothe church and they get really wet!! like carnaval at the style of Ecuador in February.  Difficult to sleep through all that! as the wheel was not done, we collected it from Nacho the barman and high tailed it out of the Marina to a very quie t anchorage in the bay of Cabo de Cruz for 2 days.  Ashore we met Rosa who entertained us at her house and we in turn had her over to Elemiah in the evening  Rosa had moved 30 yers ago to Paris and became a professional makeup artist for theater and movies.  Her last movie was Troy with Brad Pitt!  She comes down to this beautiful little fishing village every Summer for her connection with family and roots.

We then up anchor and off to the next Ria of  Pontevedra.  After the town of Pontevedra,  our port of call was Combarro arriving 18/8/2013.  Off we went on a short taxi ride to the town of Pontevedra with wheel to Nacho’s bar. Glenda happened to take advantage of local nespaper reading and found it that one ofher favorite Spanish singers is giving a free concert!  Then on to attend the  concert given by Paloma San Basilio who is going around the country giving her last concerts before retiring.

Taking a dip in Cabo de Cruz

Taking a dip in Cabo de Cruz

Richard on Deck

Richard on Deck

Glenda taking a refreshment

Glenda taking a refreshment

Elemiah at anchor

Elemiah at anchor

Glenda got the scissors to her shirt

Glenda got the scissors to her shirt

The man who was putting leather on our wheel is called Compacho although Richard found it easier to refer to him as Gazpacho!  Anyhow, Gazpacho finished the wheel and we met him at another cafe in Pontevedra. In the meantime we visited the beautiful 9th cdntury city of Pontevedra which has beginnings in the Roman days. Here we are with our leathered wheel.

La Rueda

La Rueda at Camino de Santiago

Then we were going to leave Combarro for a bay that had many visiting classic  French and Spanish wooden yachts.  We were near departing and found out that after 4 days we had a free day at the marina, and had to wait for our laundry!  Low and behold the wooden boats turned up at our marina for lunch!.  We were invited for wine and food aboard a Spanish yacht designed by British designer David Hillyard. I fever you can try “pimientos de padron” cooked simple with olive oil!!  The tapas most famous vegetarian dish of Galicia

Fun aboard the Hillyard

Fun aboard the Hillyard with Manuel the chef of the pimientos and a fellow English female sailor, Anne

Hillyard again

Hillyard again shaking an Irish sailor

On the right Javier owner of the Hillyard

Brothers Javier  and Fernando owners of the Hillyard and Fernando a talented sailmaker

Until the next post farewell and us on to Portonovo to see the start of  the” Vuelta de Espana” and Glenda can reminisce her days in the Andes coming out to the highway to watch cyclists’ tours!

By the way do not worry if you have not had a blog and you see bad weather in our area.  We try not to venture out in bad weather.

Glenda & Richard

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