Ria Pontevedra and Vigo, Spain

To our dear followers of our blog we apologize for the delay in writing, it is sometimes hard to get a good internet and then we have to go when there is good wind!  So here is our update for Our next stop in Ria Pontevedra was a small fishing town of Porto Nova.  With an on shore wind we went into this small marina.  As we were berthing,  Elemiah nudged against the wood on the pontoon which would have been no problem except there was a screw protruding that cut an inch through the paint to the steel.   Glenda used here good Spanish and told the harbour office that Richard was Furioso which did the trick as we had 3 free nights!  Luckily we had some epoxy filler on board and all is well.

Our reason to stop at Porto Novo is that it is cheaper than the next town Sanxenxo where the finish of the first leg of La Rueda de Espana (Spain’s equivalent to the Tour de France) was taking place next day.  We set off on our fold up bicycles to Sanxenxo and as the sea front road was closed to traffic we took the race route all the way to the finish line.  We were sure we would be stopped by the police but instead we got ovations from the crowd gathering early to see the race!  We waved back to the crowd in good spirit and famous for a few minutes! J  Glenda grew up coming out with family to watching the cyclists race in the Panamerican Highway in the Andes, so she thoroughly enjoyed seeing the cyclists pass so close.  We chatted with a nice family from a City of spain situated in Africa, Ceuta.

La Rueda de Espana

La Rueda de Espana

Our next stop was Ria Vigo and to the main city of Pontevedra Province, Vigo to get permission to visit one of the protected Atlantic Islands Isla Cies.

We tied up at the Real Club Nautica Vigo (Royal Yacht Club).  The club staff were helpful in telling us the only way was to fax our documents to the Park Authority and expect a reply by e-mail.  The club faxed the documents.  However, another English couple we had met earlier in our travels, Paul & Ann told us where the park office was and all we had to do is go there and they will issue a permit.  If you do not have a permit it is a 5,000 euro fine!

We were attended to by Teresa.  We then needed to find the immigration office and Teresa took us to the street to show the way in good Spanish style.  She was so “amable” (amiable), we extended and invitation to visit us on Elemiah and that led to Teresa taking time off work and go with us to Isla Cies! We developed a great friendship!

Glenda, Richard & Teresa

Glenda, Richard & Teresa

Before we left, Teresa introduced us to a friend of her’s who is an acupuncturist (Used to be a banker).  Well Jose hosted us at his house whilst he treated Glenda for sea sickness which she had done before in Vilagarcia.  Richard had pulled a muscle in his back taking our head (toilet, potty) apart to fix a leak.  Yuk!  So Jose did a very successful adjustment!  The next day Jose came to Elemiah for some EMDR from Glenda to overcome the fear of flying as an introduction to the EMDR technique and thanking for helping us heal our little bothers.

View from Jose's house overlooking Ria Vigo

View from Jose’s house overlooking Ria Vigo

3 thoughts on “Ria Pontevedra and Vigo, Spain


    • So wonderful family and friends are reading our blog! does anyone volunteer to translate to Spanish? we have hard time enough finding internet to write in one language! Pero nos encantaria voluntarios! You could volunteer to tanslate one blog or more!( podrian traducir un blog o mas!) We are now a bit stranded with our engine, yet not complaining, we are in a beautiful town Ayamonte, Spain while we wait for the motor starter to be fixed!

  2. How fun to meet new friends along the way and share talents, skills and fondnesses!! What an adventure for you two!

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