We have arrived in La Coruna!

Richard & Chris Binks set off at 9am Sunday 7th July and arrived 4 days later on Wednesday 4 pm in La Coruna Spain.  See our track http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0iGbB9bnM7NdE772VGqTLpujr5YQMOOGI

The wind was behind us all the way with a consistent 10 knots or less.  We had the head sail poled out most of the way.  The water in the bay of Biscay is aqua blue.  There were dolphins playing with Elemiah and one whale close by.

Glenda is now preparing to get on a plane to the UK then onto La Coruna on 18th.

Getting Ready

The only thing we need to fix is the wind speed indicator and the man is on his way to fix it!!

Chris Binks arrived yesterday, he is crewing with Richard across Biscay.

The good news is that Glenda is leaving her current job and hopping on a plane July 14th to London, staying with Alicia & John then on to A Coruna.  Can’t wait till she is here.

We have a tracking device so if you want to see our progress go to https://login.findmespot.com/spot-main-web/locations/history.html?reload=true

Best estimate is leaving on Friday.  The winds look a little light and may stop off at the Isles of Scilly to take us a little further west.


















Elemiah now has a crew of two!!

By chance on Richard’s last visit to Hadzor over a pub lunch mentioned the trip across the Bay of Biscay and Chris Binks voiced a real interest in coming along.

This weekend Chris cam down to Falmouth for the night and looked Elemiah over and gave the thumbs up to crew with me.

We expect the crossing to take about 4 days and as soon as all the jobs on Elemiah are complete we will look for a weather window and off we go.  As you all know, these last few years have seen very unpredictable weather so it may look OK when we start but who knows what will blow in!!  Also, we want a good wind so 20 to 25 knots will be great.

Currently, we are waiting to get the 12 volt alternator reconditioned, the 24 volt alternator problem was resolved with a new regulator.  Also, the wind indicator instrument is being looked at and hopefully back in service this coming week.  We have a SSB receiver arrive so that long distance weather information can be picked up (we hope).  One last piece of kit is to transmit AIS info.  Right now we receive which allows us to see other traffic.  However, transmitting all vessels with AIS will see us!!  Of course the kit to transmit is expensive!  The only other thing we are thinking about is the SPOT system that allows family and friends to see our progress.

That is about it to date.

Richard & Glenda

Elemiah’s final upgrades before setting off across The Bay of Biscay

Last September Elemiah arrived in Falmouth and spent the winter afloat at Port Pendennis Marina.  Richard & Glenda spent the winter in Houston and sadly Glenda has to stay on working in Houston.

Richard arrived back in the UK end of April 2013 and has been upgrading her as follows: Powered Windlass, Larger self tailing primary winches, Latches on aft locker so they will not open in heavy seas, Better arrangement to strap the inflatable dinghy on deck, bought a drogue to be deployed in heavy weather, rigging inspected by professionals and replaced the VHF antenna & tricolour mast head Nav light.  Also, modified saloon table.

Now we have problem’s with alternator on both 24 volt and 12 volt systems.  This is being resolved and Richard now knows everything to do with alternators and their controllers.  Also, the exhaust from the boat central heating system is leaking so having to replace the piping.

On order is an SSB receiver to obtain weatherfax and Navtex info plus listen in to other boats and their experiences.

Thinking seriously of getting an AIS transponder, we receive but do not transmit.  Also, getting the SPOT system to transmit location to family and friends.

That is about it on things that are happening that I can remember.